NEW Beginners Yoga Course | $120 for 9 weeks*

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NEW Beginners Yoga Course
$120 for 9 weeks | 2x beginner classes per week

New to yoga or keen to go back to basics & refine your practice?

Our 9 week Beginners Yoga Course is a great foundation, aimed at all ages, levels of flexibility & abilities. Throughout the weeks you will learn the basic fundamentals of yoga postures including technical alignment, benefits of the poses, breathing, basic yoga philosophy and its applications to daily life. Every week there is a new focus in which the class is themed around, from Sun Salutes to supported Inversion preparation. Our variety of beginners teachers offer diverse styles of teaching in a supportive and encouraging learning environment. We highly recommended completion of this 9 week course as an introductory start to yoga before attending general classes.

Every week is a new beginning, you can start anytime along the 9 week cycle!

WEEK 1 | Surya Namaskar A- Finding the breath & linking with movement
WEEK 2 | Strength & Balance
WEEK 3 | Cleansing & Twisting
WEEK 4 | Forward Bends- going within
WEEK 5 | Backbends- heart openers
WEEK 6 | Hip Openers + Surya Namaskar B
WEEK 7 | Shoulder Opening & Strengthening
WEEK 8 | Inversions- preparation only
WEEK 9 | Integration- overview of a general yoga class

Your 2x Beginners classes can be attended at The Livingroom:
Full Beginners Timetable-

The Livingroom
Monday | 5-6.15pm with Leora
Tuesday | 6-7am with Sophie
Thursday | 6-7am with Georgia
Friday | 12.30-1.30pm with Marja
Saturday | 10.30-11.30am with Dara
Sunday | 10.30-11.30am with Alex

Available to ALL students, once only. No suspensions, unless provided with a medical certificate accordingly. Full Ts&Cs here