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Healing and guidance

Beverley has worked as a therapist, counsellor, and healer for the past 40 years. It is from this background that she skillfully works to bring about self-healing for her students. Through her many years of work she has come to know that to really unravel patterns and stuck energy, one needs to face the issues at the mental, emotional, physical, and energetic level, with guidance from the spiritual level.

Beverley runs group Meditation classes and also has a private practice. She teaches meditation 3 times a week at The Livingroom which consists of a combination of Buddhist style sitting practices and deep relaxation.

Beverley’s qualification includes diplomas in Bodywork, Breathwork and Transpersonal Psychodynamics, Sand Play. She has a post-graduate diploma in Transpersonal Studies, Psychophysical Healing, and Hypnosis. For the past 20 years, Beverley has been a practicing Buddhist in Tibetan Buddhism.

The Livingroom is a special sanctuary for Beverley, she has been teaching here since the very beginning in 2008!

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Yin Yoga
Deep Hatha
Yoga Nidra


Yoga clears out unwanted mental/emotional patterns through the body, rather than the mind

Bjorg-Ida first discovered yoga in 2004, lured in by a boyfriend’s promise of all the benefits a regular yoga practice can have. The rest is history as they say… as is the boyfriend!

Originally from Norway, and a mother of three, Bjorg-Ida’s main aim is to take yoga off the mat and apply it to everyday life. She understands the importance of practising ‘practical’ yoga in a busy schedule, but also emphasizes how vital it is to make a conscious choice to take time out to connect with yourself. As a mother she is well aware of the guilt that comes with taking “selfish” time out for oneself, but because of that she also knows that you’ve got to look after yourself first to be able to look after others well.

During a temporary move to Norway, and after practising yoga for 12 years, she decided to embark on her yoga teacher training in 2016. What initially started as a wish to deepen her own practice has now grown into a life changing passion for teaching yoga and connecting with students and likeminded people. She has been very fortunate to have had great teachers along the way, and feels very humbled to be in a position where she is able to give back and hold space for others. 

Bjorg-Ida’s style of teaching builds on her hatha yoga foundation, and has a strong emphasis on mindfulness and yoga philosophy. Her teaching is slow rather than fast to allow her students to really connect, and stay connected, with the flow of their breath during their practice. She encourages her students to find “their own yoga”, tuning into their own bodies and needs, and moving away from ‘shoulds’, ‘wants’ and comparisons. She incorporates chanting, as well as kundalini kriyas and pranayama exercises. 

Yoga is important to Bjorg-Ida because it allows her to process and clear out unwanted mental/emotional patterns through the body rather than through the thinking mind. She feels it continually connects her on a much deeper level to herself, to others and to the whole.

“The Livingroom is special to me because it’s where, after nearly ten years of practicing asanas, I met some special teachers who, through their teachings, put me on the path of discovering the true purpose of yoga. And it was in one of those classes I had the realization to pursue yoga teacher training.”

A favourite yoga pose for Bjorg-Ida is Supta Baddhakonasana over a bolster because of its restorative and heart opening qualities.

Bjorg-Ida is a 300hour trained Yoga teacher and has also done a 30 hour Yin & Restorative Yoga training.

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Yin Yoga
Deep Hatha
Yoga Nidra


“Yoga is the link that unites the soul to the source it comes from”

Dara discovered Yoga in 2002 taught by Gavin Robins during her time studying at theatre and television college.

Yoga is important to Dara as it is the link that unites the soul to the source of where we come from.

Dara’s qualifications include: Advanced Diploma in Yoga studies, plus frequently travel to India to deepen her practice. 

“The Livingroom holds a special place in my heart because it is a place for each of us to come and connect to the divine and attracts likeminded people who all contribute to an environment that is welcoming and feels like home.”

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Sharing Yoga’s wonderful physical benefits

Georgia first discovered yoga in 2009 after she broke her back and was in desperate need of some pain relief and assistance in gaining full mobility back in her body.  After pursuing many avenues, it was yoga that really clicked and became a massive part of her rehabilitation. Having experienced firsthand the incredible impact yoga can have both physically & mentally, Georgia felt the desire to share it with others.

The importance of Yoga in Georgia’s life has evolved beyond the many wonderful physical benefits. “Every practice offers the opportunity to become more intimate with ourselves, to cultivate an inner intelligence of how our own bodies and minds work. It’s a paradox of personal understanding yet impersonal witnessing of self, which enables us to recognise habits and behaviours that aren’t necessarily serving us, empowering us to make positive change; the practice is illuminating! Yoga has shaped how I see the world and how I would like to contribute.

What I love most about teaching is to hold space for students to do the same. To connect with themselves as well as something greater than themselves; to find refuge from busy lives, and to essentially feel really good about themselves. It’s very rewarding to know that yoga can change someone’s day for the better, which no doubt has a ripple effect off the mat and out into the world.”

Georgia’s qualifications include Yoga Arts 200hr Teacher Training with Louisa Sear, Emil Wendel, Stuart Girling, and Anouk Petzoldt, 50hr Yin Yoga Teacher Training at Sukha Mukha with Maryanne Edwards, 50hr Meditation Teacher Training with Mark Breadner, 8-week Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction with Openground.
The Livingroom is a very special place for Georgia. It’s her second home where she’s spent countless hours practising, working, playing and socialising. She’s been a student for the last 10 years since she first moved to Coogee and started working downstairs at Barzura. She’s worked alongside Rod and Mari managing the studio and all of the wonderful teachers. Georgia loves being part of this community, it’s become like family.

“It’s an absolute honour to teach at The Livingroom. I’ve had the privilege of learning a diverse variety of teachings with some of Sydney’s best yoga teachers here, and now have the opportunity to share my own teachings with the incredibly warm and dedicated students. I’m eternally grateful for The Livingroom, the special people I’ve met and all of the wonderful experiences I’ve had here.”

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“Getting out of my head and into the magic of Yoga”

Izabela first discovered yoga when she was 15. Oddly, it was from a book that her parents had on a bookshelf. Her flow was a Sun Salutation A, and she was hooked.
Yoga is important to Izabela because she feels that no matter what is happening in her life, the moment she steps on the mat everything falls away and she can get perspective.

 “My favourite yoga pose is Tadasana, because I live in my head, and to have a moment to feel my feet plug into the ground is super special, I do it all the time, works like magic.”

Izabela’s qualifications are 500hr+ Senior Hatha Yoga teacher, Yoga Therapist, Prenatal/Postnatal, Kids Yoga Teacher, Meditation Facilitator, Pilates Instructor, Massage Therapist, Myotherapist and Exercise Physiologist in the making. …and that is just a snippet!

The Livingroom is special to Izabela because she absolutely loves the distant sound of the ocean, the community, and collection of very unique teachers.

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“Life is a wild ride, and yoga keeps my feet on the ground”

Jaime first discovered yoga as a teenager at The Livingroom! At first it was just a way to move her body that felt good, then it became so much more.

Yoga is important to Jaime because it pulls her back to her centre. Life is a wild (and sometimes disorienting) ride, and yoga keeps her feet on the ground and her head clear, so that she can enjoy the highs, and accept the lows.

“My favourite (and simultaneously most hated) pose is pigeon. I have possibly the world’s tightest hips, and it has taken years of consistent practice to find a little more depth in pigeon. It’s a lesson in patience, acceptance and humility. A nice reminder that we’re here to connect, not to make the perfect shape.”

Jamie’s qualifications include a 200hr Yoga Teacher Training with InYoga. She has gone on to train 50hrs in Sequencing and Theming. She looks forward to a lifetime of learning about this powerful practice. 

Jaime says she loves the Living Room for so many reasons… she says it’s hard to go past the view! And that practicing while watching the sun rise over the ocean has to be one of her greatest pleasures.

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“Slow movement, concentration and precision is my focus”

Joao first discovered yoga when he was living in London back in 2008. His first teacher taught traditional Sivananda Yoga.

He feels that Yoga is a way of life. From a physical Yoga practice, to Japa meditation, Mantras and healthy living. Yoga has been fundamental in Joao’s life journey. He practices so he can be of service to the ones he loves and to his community.

Joao’s passion for arm balances and inverted poses has lead him to develop his own practice with slow movements, concentration and precision. Joao’s classes focus on Peak Pose sequencing, where, through progressive sequences, we prepare the body and mind to achieve those more challenging poses.

 “My favourite yoga pose is Handstand – Adho Mukha Vrksasana. Handstand is not only a posture, it is a life long journey. It helps you build strength, develops your sense of determination and focus, helps you see the world in a different perspective, helps you understand yourself in fearful situations and it is an incredible fun posture to practice. At some point it becomes a powerful meditation practice.”

Joao has been a student and teacher of Yoga for over 11 years. His Yogic journey has taken him into Karma, Bhakti and Raja Yoga, focusing in Ashtanga, Vinyasa and Yin Yoga. Over the years Joao trained and learned from renowned Yoga teachers around Australia and the Globe acquiring over 500hrs training; Michael “Laxmivan”, Duncan Peak, Simon Borg-Olivier, Simon Park, Idit Hefer Tamir, Maryanne Edwards and others.

“All my teachers have taught me something special which I now have the honour to pass on to my students one class at a time.”

Joao loves The Livingroom because it brings a yogi community together. He feels it’s special because teachers and practitioners alike have this beautiful sense of community and self-growth, and that one can feel fully supported along their healing journey.

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Yoga highlights the interconnectedness of Everything

Karolina discovered yoga when she was in college. “I remember my first class being extremely challenging as I couldn’t do most asanas, but I also recall feeling very content, happy and alive afterward.” Karolina knew back then, that this practice would be an essential part of her everyday life… and she was right!

When Karolina first started yoga her practice was all about being able to execute the asanas (physical postures) and maintain mindful breathing, but with time the importance of yoga and the reason why she practiced had shifted. Today her yoga practice keeps her grounded and reminds her of the interconnectedness of all things. It keeps her accountable for her own integrity expressed through her everyday living.

Karandavasana is Karolina’s favourite pose, as she has been challenged by it and working on it for some time now and she finds there is no time or space for switching off while attempting it. Full presence!

Karolina is 1000+hrs Advanced Certified Jivamukti Yoga Teacher, a mentor at the Jivamukti Teacher’s Apprenticeship Program, a certified Yin Yoga Teacher, and a Mysore Program Assistant under guidance of Eileen Hall.

“I love the sweet and eclectic community that I’m blessed to be a part of at The Livingroom. Not to mention the beautiful, rewarding ocean view! The medicinal sound of the ocean is the best Shavasana soundtrack I could ever ask for in my classes.”

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Nurturing yourself is important, and empowering

Marja first discovered yoga when she was 19 years old. She remembers stumbling upon a studio in Bondi, doing a Vinyasa class with a bunch of arm balances and loving it!
Yoga is important to Marja because it’s where she dedicates time to look after and nurture herself, as well as build physical strength, mental rest and emotional empowerment. When she practices she feels confident, energetically lighter and joyful.

If Marja had to pick one Yoga pose as her favourite it would be Upavistha Konasana- wide-legged forward fold. “I have no words as to why. It just feels juicy, deep and healing for me. Yummmmm.”

Marja’s qualifications include 200hr Hatha Vinyasa YTT with Sukha Mukha, 3hr Yoga for Cancer with Adore Yoga, 18hr Philosophy of Yoga with Sukha Mukha, 40hr Fluid Prana Flow with Simon Park, 100hr Yin Yoga with Mel McClaughlin, Level 4 Gendai Reiki Ho Master Teacher, and Level 4 Clarity Breathwork.

“The Livingroom is special to me because……… of the people that fill it. The staff, the community, the view. Honestly, this space is absolutely breathtaking in every way. It feels like home. I love it!

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Injury prevention is always better than a cure

Nick first discovered Pilates in 2002, when a friend who had dealt with chronic back problems recommended it to him after he had suffered a high ankle sprain that was in turn causing him knee and back pain. He tried the class and immediately felt the benefits and loved the work.

Pilates is important to Nick because he values being healthy and injury free, capable of doing the things he wants to do in life and doing them as well as he can. He’s seen many people’s lives drastically altered as a result of injury and complacency in their recovery. Nick has found through Pilates that his body is stronger, more flexible, and free of any non-contact injury. He knows that you only have one body and that you should do all you can to keep it healthy and functioning as best it can, injury prevention is always better than a cure.

“The Living Room is special to me for the wonderful energy of the people who work there and the friends who visit to take the fantastic classes on offer. The studio itself is an amazing room overlooking the ocean and people seem to always float in and out of the place with open hearts and glowing smiles. There’s nowhere else like it I know of. It’s a true part of the community and a highlight of the area. Restorative and peaceful.”

Nick’s favourite exercise is The Roll Over. It gives an instant read on just how tight the legs and back are at that particular time and allows one to work through it and warm up fast so that after six repetitions you’re good to go even if you don’t have the time to do anything else. It’s a great feeling to rediscover range of movement and iron out any last little knots and kinks out.

Nick is a Classical Pilates teacher with over 15 years of experience. He is dedicated to the delivery of Pilates in its traditional form tailored to a modern setting. Nick completed his training at the Pilates Method under the expert tutelage of Cynthia Lochard and was lucky enough to have learnt from Romana Krysanowska for the advanced portion of his training, various post graduate workshops as well as a month in the home of Classical Pilates, Dragos Gym in Manhattan, New York.  Romana was Joseph Pilates head teacher tasked with carrying on his legacy before his death in 1967.

Nick trains people of all physical ability and skill level. This includes elite level athletes from the Australian Institute of Sport and the ACT Brumbies Rugby Union squad.  Dancers, gymnasts and fellow Pilates teachers. He does a lot corrective pre Pilates work with people, such as the elderly, those rehabbing from injury or surgery, as well as pre and post-natal mothers. As an experienced instructor Nick has always taught at teacher training studios, where he assists students through their Pilates Teacher training.

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It’s a pleasure teaching in this incredible and unique space

Sophie grew up in a small town on the mid-north coast and from a young age was instilled with a great love for the ocean, nature and the land.  

After a few years of living a really busy and fast-paced life in Sydney, working full time in the corporate world, she left her job to pursue a more meaningful path. Never having looked back, this wild and wonderful adventure has taken her around the world where she has learned from some truly remarkable teachers and traditions.

Sophie has studied with Clive Sheridan for almost a decade. She travelled to Bali to complete her initial 200hr Yoga Teacher Training with Yoga Arts under the guidance of Louisa Sear and Lucy Roberts and has completed a number of Trauma-Informed Yoga Trainings with A Sound Life.

Early in 2015 on retreat in India, she was blessed to meet another remarkable teacher, Sri Sakti Amma, whose simple but powerfully profound teachings of love, service, and compassion to all have supported her on a new level.  Since returning home from this trip, her passion to share these teachings and transformational tools of yoga for service and for therapy has become a major influence in the work she wants to continue to do. 

“For anyone who has stepped foot in the Livingroom you can feel instantly it is an incredibly special and unique space. For me, as I mostly teach early morning classes, to have the pleasure of being in this space, with the sun rising over the ocean, practicing with the beautiful, dedicated yogis who arrive at 5.30 am (with warm smiles) – is a really special thing to be a part of.”

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A commitment to living with sensitivity, honesty, generosity, compassion, and love.

Tammy discovered yoga in 1998, at age 16, when it started to become popular in the media and with celebrities. While it was the idea of a ‘yoga body’ that attracted Tammy – it was the relaxation, philosophy, and realisation that everybody has a yoga body that caused Tammy to stay. Through this, her relationship with her body completely changed.

For Tammy yoga is a way of life. A commitment to living with sensitivity, honesty, generosity, compassion, and love. She feels that Yoga has and continues to save her life. On the mat she feels safe; a reminder to trust, to breathe, to look with-in, that life is in constant flow, and that all is ok.
“Teaching yoga is a gift, it is incredible to share through experience. I invite my students to self-enquire, to feel deeply and become intimate with who and what they are.” 

Rather than having a favourite pose Tammy enjoys flowing through a sequence of poses; to continually move with the breath between downward-facing-dog, hands-and knees and child’s pose. These three movements are known as Balangulola and Tammy says it’s incredibly grounding and how she usually begin her practice.

Tammy’s qualifications include over 1000 teacher training hours, having studied predominantly with Godfrey Devereux in the Dynamic Yoga Training Method. She is certified in Pre and Post-natal Yoga, Women’s yoga, and Fertility yoga, Restorative and Yin Yoga. She is also a certified Eating Psychology Coach, postnatal doula and currently in her 3rd year of a Bachelor in Nutritional Medicine. 

“As soon as I enter the Livingroom I feel at home. It feels like a family – warm, loving, inviting. It is unintimidating with a strong sense of community and I feel privileged to be part of it.”

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