Class Styles

We offer classes to suit all needs, whether you prefer strong, focused classes or more relaxing, gentle classes.

A few general reminders:

  • BYO mat + towel if you wish to use one of our bolsters.
  • If you can, try not to eat an hour and a half before a class (life is busy, bananas are a great snack if you have to eat).
  • Try not to over hydrate before a class—a little water goes a long way. We supply filtered drinking water!
  • Bring a towel.

We suggest you go to the Teachers page to read about each teacher and decide which class may be best for you.


Each class is based on the same approach:

  • taking you in and out of postures correctly and safely
  • using the breath for its many purposes such as clearing the mind and helping with day to day life, or dealing with pain;
  • balancing body, mind and spirit to enhance all that you do in life.


One of the meanings of vinyasa is to link movement with breath, and all classes focus on this aspect. The pace of vinyasa can vary with the teacher, but all classes build well-rounded fitness, including wrist strength, shoulder strength, and core strength.

Classes start with breathing exercises and warm-up movements, progressing to sun salutations that continuously link both standing and seated postures. In Vinyasa, there is less emphasis on workshopping poses and more emphasis on getting into a flow for the session.

All welcome.

Himalayan vinyasa

New to the livingroom!

As the name suggests, this modality is native to the Himalayan region. The practice of Himalayan Vinyasa links class sequences through breath techniques designed to stimulate vitality, boost immunity and stabilise the nervous system.

Drawing on meditation, movement and breath for overall wellness, Himalayan Vinyasa is an integrated approach in our modern times.

All welcome. Beginner friendly.


Ideal for both beginner students and also more advanced students who would like a slower practice and a chance to fine-tune their alignment.

Our hatha yoga classes consist of a short meditation, breathing exercises, sun salutations (not always), standing and seated postures. This strengthens, cleanses and relaxes your body and mind. All classes have a final relaxation pose in order to integrate the session and some classes include mantra as well.

All welcome. Beginner friendly.

Japanese hatha

‘Japanese yoga’ is the new name for the yoga style Leora has been teaching for years at the livingroom. This style offers a different experience from our other hatha class styles.

Japanese yoga integrates a practical understanding of Eastern energy systems with traditional Hatha practice. It looks to the seasons and patterns in nature to inform a movement practice which harmonizes our internal state with that of the external world.
Specific therapeutic exercises and asana work to unblock our meridian pathways (lines of energy) and enhance the flow of Qi (the life force which travels along meridians).

The practice is both subtle and tangible. Through deliberate and deceptively simple movements we can access the less explored parts of ourselves which often hold us back. It is a method to transform imbalances in all areas of life. Expect to be challenged and nourished, and to leave with a direct experience of embodiment.

Japanese yoga efficiently promotes vitality, structural integrity, a regulated nervous system and a sense of peaceful connection to oneself and the outer world.

All welcome. Beginner friendly.


Align focuses on alignment by holding postures for longer, with extensive verbal cues. Props are often used to help students access and deepen their understanding of the poses while quieting the mind.

This class is open to beginners and experienced practitioners alike.

All welcome. Beginner friendly.

Yoga Essentials

Yoga Essentials is for everyone!

Whether you are a beginner or an advanced practitioner, Yoga Essentials’ focus is on alignment and connecting with your breath. The class is slower-paced to allow the teacher to cue and correct your postures while still being a very active class.

All three Yoga Essentials classes on any given week of the ongoing 7 week cycle, will cover the same set of postures.

After your Yoga Essentials 7 Week Course Cycle you will have covered approximately 108 yoga postures in detail so that you may participate in other yoga classes with more skill and confidence.

All welcome. Beginner friendly.

Yoga nidra

Ideal for both beginner students and also more advanced students who would like a slower practice and a chance to fine-tune their alignment. Yoga Nidra can be practised by anyone, either lying down on the floor or seated if necessary, no experience required.

Yoga Nidra (Yogic sleep) is a mindfulness tool to relax the body while keeping the mind fully awake and aware. As you take a guided visual scan through the body you will cultivate a deeper awareness of your body, working as a tool to relax both the body & the mind.

All welcome. Beginner friendly.

Yin yoga

Yin Yoga is an excellent complement for active people looking to open their bodies safely and find inner stillness. Yin Yoga is a complementary practice to balance the effects of more active forms of yoga and exercise.

A Yin Yoga session will mostly consist of a series of long-held, passive floor poses that mainly work the lower part of the body—the hips, pelvis, inner thighs, lower spine. These areas are especially rich in connective tissues, the systematic loading of which is a main focus in this style of yoga.


Yin Yoga practice targets the connective tissues—the tendons, fascia, and ligaments—with the aim of increasing circulation in the joints and improving flexibility, as opposed to the more dynamic practices, which target the muscles.

Yin Yoga poses are also designed to improve the flow of prana, or qi, the subtle energy, or life force. Practitioners often comment at how unexpectedly energizing and soothing the practice is, offering deep releases.

Make a Yin Yoga class a staple in your yoga routine once a week, and you’ll be surprised at the benefits!

All welcome. Beginner friendly.

Tips for getting the most out of your yin yoga session

When practicing Yin Yoga, find an appropriate edge, which is often a lot less deep than a warmer yoga class. Move slowly and gently into the pose, and look for an appropriate amount of intensity, never opening so far as to cause pain. Then consciously try to release into the pose, and to remain still for the duration, without shifting position. The instructor will sometimes offer music or readings to keep you motivated to stay in the posture. Coming out, release with care. You’ve opened the body deeply!

Restorative yoga

This practice can be particularly beneficial to those with chronic pain or physical limitations.

Restorative yoga is gentle and can emphasize props for support and relaxation. It is also a great addition once a week to an otherwise more dynamic practice, melting stress and tension.

Suitable for all ages and all levels. A gentle class focusing on relaxation and the more meditative aspects of yoga.

All welcome. Beginner friendly.

    Resonance yoga

    Weaving the elements of movement/asana + rejuvenating breath + mudra + micro movement, stillness, organic movement, mantra/sound/vocal vibration + rhythm + meditation, together invigorating and enlivening the flow of the intelligence, wisdom and life force throughout your entire being. An incredibly generous, restorative and revitalizing practice for your body, mind, emotions, energy and soul. Nourishing the connections of wholeness, clarity, and expansion. Opening the meridians (energy channels) and removing all blocks in the body.

    Through the consistent application of Resonance Yoga each individual will organically experience the presence of grace, radiance, health and unity in ones life. Resonance Yoga will awaken the empowering inner wisdom within you to guide your day to day and support you to create a fulfilling life aligned with your souls desires.

    All welcome. Beginner friendly.


      In this time of constant change, we need a stabilizer, a place of refuge to train the mind to be a tool that cuts through the distractions and suffering.

      With meditation, you will be taken on a journey through many skilful ways of working with your mind and emotions, dealing with pain and refocus into positive states of mind.

      The vision of the class is to equip people with the ability to work with the many situations that can arise in one’s life. A spiritual focus is the main flavour of the evening. One will come away relaxed, clear and energised.

      Please see the timetable for sessions. Please bring a shawl for warmth.

      What to expect

      Classes explore many different styles of meditation. The majority of the class will be guided, with some parts seated and some lying down.

      All welcome. Beginner friendly.