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Continue practicing with your favourite Livingroom teachers in the safety of your home for the next little while.  

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Grow Your Practice

Now teaching online classes. See below for details.

Here, we safely guide you, challenge you and grow with you.

We now offer livingroom yoga in your living room! Join our online classes.

In times of greatest challenges, lies an opportunity and an invitation for us all to go deeper, really be here for each other and to rekindle our Shaddha (faith). And although The Livingroom Yoga School has had to temporarily close its doors, we as teachers want to be able to keep The Livingroom community together and additionally support each other during these changing times.


…is a collaboration between nine of the teachers at The Livingroom, and through some hard work this past week we have tried as much as possible to replicate The Livingroom’s teaching schedule with the goal that you’re able to continue to practice as you would.

We have taken the opportunity to add some new, exciting classes, and we aim to live stream from our living rooms to yours, with said timetable from Monday, March 30. Who knew the name would ever be so appropriate!

Now more than ever, it’s a time to call on our practice, to nourish ourselves, to connect with each other and to uplift each other.

Please see the attached timetable and individual links below to join your favourite teachers live.

To book, simply click the link of the teacher you wish to practice with and follow the prompts.

We thank you for your patience and support, and we are all really grateful to be able to work together with you on continuing to connect with what matters most.

Wishing you all love, wellness, and peace.


Dara, Bjorg-Ida, Georgia, Beverley, Karolina, Sophie, Izabella, Leora, Marja and Ieva.


Join Dara’s classes:   kriya.com.au/calendar/YogawithDara

Contact: daraloughrey@gmail.com


Join Bjorg-Ida’s classes: kriya.com.au/calendar/bjorgidayoga
Contact: bjorgidayoga@gmail.com




Join Karolina’s classes: karolinaszymala.com
Contact: karolina@karolinaszymala.com


Join Leora’s classes: leorakrowitz.com
Contact: leorakrow@gmail.com