Reflect & Refocus | 110 Beautiful Souls in Attendance

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A massive warm and love-filled thank you to Beverley for the beautiful and FREE Reflect and Refocus workshop she held for the whole community on New Years Day. This amazing event saw the livingroom fill up more than ever before with 110 participants emerging from the comfort of their homes and busy schedules to bring new light to the start of 2017.

We have now let go of the past and can move forward with a new focus and perspective, allowing us to have the best possible year yet.

We would also like to thank everyone who attended the event and made a donation to our crowdfunding campaign with Communities Assist as we embark to build a cent$ for education, at Rainbow Ridge Tanzania. From all of your generosity was were able to add another $185 to our campaign, increasing the total donations to 11% of our $50k goal by 31st January.

If you would like to be a part of the change, then donate now!


Event Details:

Location: The Livingroom Yoga School Coogee
Time: 7 – 8.30pm
Date: Sunday 1st January 2017
Cost: FREE