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Lily Clothier reflects on her experience at our Central Coast Mother Earth Retreat in May 2016…

As I sit here at my desk and try not to scream at the phone to stop ringing or the emails to stop piling up it finally occurs to me that I, like so many others right now, am in an overwhelming exhausted need for a break from the constant battles that city life brings. But what do I do? Where do I go? Who do I go with?

Surprisingly after not much time at all I notice that I keep ending up on the same webpage; Mother Earth Central Coast Yoga Retreat. Staring at the ever darkening sky with the last glimpses of sunlight trying to escape through the buildings surrounding me, I’ve come to the unfathomable conclusion that three days away, anywhere, even a yoga retreat as a complete novice to the practice, seems like the an absolutely fantastic idea.

Four days later as I’m back in my office, the butterflies start to hit me like a hurricane with everything in its path hitting me straight in the stomach. In three days I will be in a whole new world. A world that doesn’t wake me up at random hours every morning to the sound of people stumbling home from a late night out in Sydney. Rather I will be entering a world that according the website will be filled with peace, quiet and of course yoga. As a self-proclaimed workaholic I think I have made a huge mistake.

It’s now the morning I’m meant to travel just an hour and a half north of Sydney to the Central Coast and I’m struggling again, but this time on what to pack. Turns out its easy. I find my one pair of running tights which are so old I can’t remember when or where I bought them, a few loose singlets, a jumper and of course runners for the mentioned silent bush walks that are on the itinerary. Again, I think I’ve made a huge mistake.

I’m here, it’s a hazy blur but no time to waste as lunch is served and what a feast is laid out before my starving eyes. Turns out I’m not the only one on their first retreat nor am I the only one just needing a break from the hustle and bustle of the city life, which is an absolute delight to hear.

With a large wooden sunbed placed at the front of the house this is where I decide to perch myself. I gaze over the immediate shallow valley, rolling hills, light droplets of rain and colossal array of wildlife, realising this really is a place to relax and find the magic. This magic was definitely not in short supply either as I discovered.

I’ve just completed my third yoga session in what I would label as a simple yet glowing shala, as they call it (yoga room). I will confess, I had undeniably no idea what I was doing or what I was being instructed to do but lucky our spirited instructor Maddie was exquisite, slowly demonstrating each pose and correcting my incredibly poor stance for each move.

Oh my am I exhausted, spans my mind as I lie down for bed at only 8pm. I genuinely can’t remember the last time I had liberty from my own overworked lifestyle or the neighbouring commotions to actually go to bed with the prospect of truly falling into a blissful, undisturbed sleep so early. I feel the smile on my face expand as I notice the shift from doubter to believer of what secrets yoga and timeout can bring.

The sun rises before me, over the hills and storm clouds, and to my utmost surprise I’m presented with the most magnificent golden sunrise I have ever witnessed. It looks like the pot of gold found at the end of the rainbow has exploded covering the sky with beams of yellow and orange, only being shielded by the silhouettes of nearby trees. All that’s left now is to see a leprechaun to confirm I must be dreaming. It not the case, it’s just magic sending goose bumps down my spine.

Today is a new day and turns out a new me. I’m calm, tranquil but above all I am completely and utterly switched off from my Sydney life. With just one hour left we start our last yoga session for the retreat. With the realisation that yoga and of course time to myself have been a beaming highlight of this trip it has now also dawned on me that it will soon be over. With a crashing influx of emotions, I know I don’t want it to be over.

With countless downward dogs, warrior and dragon poses practiced over the last three days I know they wont be the last. The time I have been able to take out on the Central Coast with The Yoga Travel Company has been enough to convert me. Coming to the much needed realisation that there is more in this world than just work, I can now truthfully and wholly admit that I am just like everyone else on this planet and that we all need to take time out for ourselves and find what really makes us happy, inside and out.

Finally, as I part this heavenly experience with a new found light in life I say my farewells to our entertaining, warm and welcoming host Georgia, our bubbly instructor Maddie who has the most contagious laugh I have ever experienced, and to all the new and loyal ladies I ‘ve met until next time…

When: 29 April – 2 May 2016
Where: Awaba Spiritual Yoga Retreat
Who: The Travel Yoga Company, Coogee

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