“From the moment I walked into the livingroom I felt a very special, magical atmosphere, from the beautifully decorated reception room to the amazing studio view. It is undoubtedly the most radiant and heart-warming space to practice in – the vibe of the studio is well complemented by the design of the practice space. I love practicing yoga in the livingroom because all the teachers are so enthusiastic and willing to support and nurture you on your yoga journey. They are such beautiful souls and I feel privileged to have them come to this space and share in their practice.”

Lucie, Maroubra

“When I first walked into the livingroom the energy I felt in the space I can only liken it to someone giving you a big warm hug. From that moment I knew I had found the space where I wanted to practice yoga, which was 4 years ago. There is no other space quite as special. The teachers know their stuff and teach with passion and compassion, the timetable and classes on offer are broad without losing integrity. The beautiful view is the cherry.”


“The livingroom is my second home – beautiful setting and friendly staff. The livingroom is special because of the personal touches, the warmth, generosity, and skill of my teachers. Of course, the spectacular location is natural bliss: sky, ocean, beach and yoga, a perfect experience of balance and reverence.”


“I like practicing yoga at the livingroom because of the respectful discipline, rules which maintain a quiet and calm environment, even with large numbers of students and the efficient access to equipment. The overall facilities make me feel that my needs are being met – therapy rooms, bathroom/shower, drinking water. All within a space that contains beautiful reminders of its purpose – yoga.”